3 Things to do to protect your Small Business

admin / October 23, 2017

For a small business security is the biggest concern you could have. New businesses don’t have the resources to deal with theft both physical and data related. You need to organize security measures as soon as the business is established.

Try to think about the security from the point of view of those would like to breach it. That way you’ll know what the weak spots are, and how to go around them. You can also fix them before something actually happens.

Back up your data


The most common security breach is about losing your data or someone making copies of the data without your permission. This could be done by some other company that needs your clients or by a third party that wants personal data of your clients. The data could be used for a lot of different frauds.

The easiest way to handle this is to have a back of your data that would allow you to destroy your records in case there’s a breach and you still get to keep all the data. This is best done in a cloud.

Two point access


Two point access systems are a good way for you to keep all the business related devices safe. The two points refers to the number of times you need to provide a password and a number of devices you need to use to do it. This means that once you enter the password on the device you’ll get a message on your phone or tablet which will let you actually use the company’s computer.

Have in mind that this means personal mobile devices of your employees would have to be with them if they want to get the password needed.

Background checks


Small businesses are often in need for new employees and they usually need them right away because they don’t have time or money to waste. When you’re looking for employees in this manner things get missed and that’s how security gets compromised. Don’t forget to do a background check on each new employee.

There are companies that provide this service and you should take advantage of their services .What you want to know are criminal records of your future employees or any investigations currently in the process. Have in mind that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give a chance to someone with a record.

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