How to make your small business safe

admin / October 23, 2017

Making your small business safer will take some time and money. But, in the long run it’s the safest bet you could make because a small business probably wouldn’t survive a big security breach. Thing that are lost or stolen could be replaced, but it would undo your reputation.

Often businesses pay too much attention to online security and forget about keeping the office itself safe and easy to lock in case of emergency. Regardless of how tech friendly your business is – it’s still important to take care of the store.

The cameras


At this point it’s perfectly normal for the whole office to be covered with cameras. However, small businesses often can’t afford this, so it’s best to keep the cameras on strategic places that could be breached the easiest – this means the doors and on offices with sensitive materials.

The biggest concern is how to deal with all the materials you obtain this way. The copies should be stored in the cloud and you should try to keep it as long as you can and to make it easy to download in case the police might need it.

Access cards


Access cards are simple to make and keep track of. They could come with a microchip that keeps track of the employees and where they go during the day. If you can’t afford this the cards could just come with an id number and a photo.

Access cards should be required to enter the building, to enter restricted areas or to enter the offices of upper management. The system should be set up in advanced and reviewed every few months. That way you can fix the bugs if you find them during the reviews.

In case something goes wrong


Regardless of how good your security measures are something bad could always happen. Things get stolen or lost even if you have every precaution in place. The important thing is to have a procedure for this in place. The employee should also be trained what to do in case of a breach.

It’s might be a good idea to organize a drill every now and then that would cover all the procedures that you need to do in case there’s a breach in your building or in the encryption of your data.



Keeping your business secure is the most important task an entrepreneur can have.


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